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I don't make you come to me, I come to you and do the work there at your home or office. I pride myself on my excellent customer service and I want to make matters as easy and convenient as possible for you.

I have been programming, fixing and networking computers for over 25 years. Try to beat that anywhere. Unlike those that claim to be computer experts, I have the long years of experience to do the job right, without problems and without taking up vast quantities of your time. I speak english. I don't try to confuse or impress you with computerese. 

I do not sell software & hardware, I sell only my expertise. This way, you can be assured that I am not trying to sell you a bunch of junk you don't need, simply to make a profit.

As a convenience to our clients, I will order the software & hardware for them, if requested to. However, I accept no commissions, kickbacks, etc. from the firms I order from. My commitment to integrity is absolute.

If you simply need a software package or a piece of hardware and know exactly what you need, how to install/configure/use it/resolve any problems that occur and can do it yourself easily, then I am a waste of your money and time. Find a computer store you like and call them. Sorry for the bluntness, but I'm not out to con anyone.

However, if you aren't a computer genius and have better things to do than become one, or your computers are critical to your business and you cannot afford to have problems with them, or you simply want to enjoy using your computer and not deal with hassles and problems, then I am here to help.

A few examples of the services I offer:


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My computer won't work properly, fix it. (Repairs)
Bullet.gif (430 bytes)Make my computer run faster. (Configurations & upgrades)
Bullet.gif (430 bytes)There must be an easier way to do this. (Configurations, software/hardware recommendations, training)
Bullet.gif (430 bytes)I have more than one computer. I want everyone to see the same stuff. (Networking)
Bullet.gif (430 bytes)I want my computer to do _____. (Software/hardware recommendations, installations, configurations, training)
Bullet.gif (430 bytes)I have more than one computer and I want them to use the same printer or modem. (Networking)
Bullet.gif (430 bytes)If I lost the stuff on my computer it would be a major catastrophe. (Computer security)
Bullet.gif (430 bytes)I don't understand how to _____, show me. (Training)
Bullet.gif (430 bytes)I'm buying some computer stuff. Do I really need it? Am I paying too much? (Consulting)
Bullet.gif (430 bytes)I don't have a computer, or I'm not on the internet. (Software/hardware recommendations, installation, training)
Bullet.gif (430 bytes)How can I use the internet more effectively? Can I use the internet to _____? (Training)
Bullet.gif (430 bytes)Can I use my computer to increase my company's profitability? (Consulting)

These are just a few of the ways I can help. Call me at (310) 589-7000 and let me show you how hard I will work for you. If you wish to contact me now, via this website, please click here. I look forward to hearing from you and serving your needs.