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If you wish to have a sex or gambling website - thank you very much for considering me, but please look elsewhere. I have no objection to anything that is legal, and I realize that sex and gambling sites can be very lucrative, but I would rather not. Thank you for visiting our website.

If you want the absolute, rock-bottom, lowest prices for websites - that's not me. However, what's included in my fixed rate, probably can't be beat anywhere, or even come close. Furthermore, what at the face of it, looks inexpensive, may not be.

Bullet.gif (430 bytes) Do they charge extra for a secure line, so you can take credit card orders?
Bullet.gif (430 bytes) Do they charge extra for each page in the website?
Bullet.gif (430 bytes) Do they charge extra for each email address?
Bullet.gif (430 bytes) Do their rates change depending on how many people visit your website? (It's called 'traffic or 'hits' in computerese.)
Bullet.gif (430 bytes) Do they charge extra for each animation on your site?
Bullet.gif (430 bytes) Do they charge extra for each photo they scan into the computer?
Bullet.gif (430 bytes) Do they charge extra for listing you website with the various search engines, such as Google. Yahoo, etc.?
Bullet.gif (430 bytes) Will they come out to you and give you the time you need to explain what you want, what the website should accomplish, answer your questions, at no additional charge?
Bullet.gif (430 bytes) Will the website work on everyone's computer?
Bullet.gif (430 bytes) Will they handcraft your website to give you exactly what you want?
I don't charge extra for any of those things. Often, a low price upfront is misleading.

If you are not in one of the surrounding areas - you may wish to look elsewhere. If you are not located in one of the surrounding areas, it becomes problematic to provide you with the in-person service I pride myself on. However, if you just love my work, call me and I will try to be flexible and work something out.

If you are not a business and simply want a personal website - I may not be the best choice for you. If you are looking for a simple one-page personal website and you don't care how it looks, there are other companies that will charge you much less. However, if you want a stunning-looking, multi-page personal website, call me. Depending on how extensive you want your personal website to be, I may reduce my normal fee.

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