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Currently, to make matters simple for our clients, I charge a flat rate to create your website and $35 a month to keep your website on the internet. The InterNic (the agency that regulates domain names) will charge you a yearly $35 fee. My flat rate includes everything the vast majority of small to medium sized businesses need. And I mean everything. No hidden or extra costs.

I have been programming computers for over 25 years. Try to beat that anywhere. Unlike those that claim to be computer experts, I have the long years of experience to do the job right, without problems and without taking up vast quantities of your time. I speak english. I don't try to confuse or impress you with computerese.

For additional information, see below. Please call me at (310) 589-7000 and let us show you how hard I will work for you. I look forward to hearing from you.

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